Integrated Facility Management

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Widad Group Berhad via Widad Facility Management Sdn Bhd are one of the leading Integrated Facilities Management (“IFM”) service providers in Malaysia. With nearly 2 decades of experience in the domestic IFM scene, we have served various types of built environment that were in different stages of their asset lifecycle. The IFM services essentially emphasis on the coordination of space, infrastructure and people, often associate with the administration of among others, office blocks, schools, complexes, convention centres and hotels.

At Widad, we remain committed to deliver stellar, high quality IFM services to our clients from a diverse range of industries, while strictly complying to international quality management standards. The group strives to sustain peak efficiency in our customers’ facilities, by exceeding customer’s expectations, while maintaining safety and comfort. Top-notch technologies and talent are central to our IFM services as we deliver a high level of competency across our services.

Our Core Business


We carry out timely inspection of facilities on a regular basis and follow best maintenance practices to ensure optimum cost, effectiveness and efficiency


We provide round the clock coverage making use of our expertise and latest technology to ensure total customer satisfaction.


We advise our customer in Design, Build and perform all upgrading works within the premises.

Scope of Services


Interior & exterior building cleaning. Hard & soft landscaping. Security & monitoring. Pest & hygiene control. Garbage disposal services. Swimming pool maintenance.


Air-conditioning system. Fire prevention system. Electrical & lighting system. Lifts, escalators & walkalators.

Type of Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Involves usage of specialised tools and equipments to identify, repair and solve equipment problems at an early stage.

Preventive Maintenance

Involves maintenance works performed on a planned schedule which includes inspection, servicing and cleaning.

Predictive Maintenance

Involves using high end monitoring tools to detect any malfunctions early before any breakdown can occur.

Corrective Maintenance

Involves immediate repair works due to equipment or machinery failure.