Yayasan Royal Widad

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Yayasan Royal Widad was established on 23rd december,2016.In accordance to Akta Pemegang Amanah (Pemerbadanan) 1952 under the effort to develop the education industry as one of the primary vehicles in building human capital.


The purpose of this establishment as elaborated in Surat Ikatan Amanah Yayasan Royal Widad,is as an effort to increase, to advance and to grow the opportunities and progression of qualified students and communities.


Improves Living Standards:To assist in upgrading the standard of living and also the socioeconomic of qualified recipients who are in dire need of help by providing them with financial allocation,welfare services and also health and education assistance.

Educational Aid: To prepare and manage the educational aid in the form of scholarships to qualified Malaysian students in order to fulfil their dreams to pursue higher level educations.

Educational Financing: To help poor Malaysian students,regardless of religion or race,by bearing their tuition fees and also cost of living,especially for students who are studying in the IPTA/IPTS.

The Aims of Yayasan Royal Widad

Program Bantuan Kemanusiaan

This aid programme involves the community in need of relief/assistance in undergoing their daily lives.Yayasan Royal Widad will be channeling the help directly to the recipients.

Program Bantuan Biasiswa Pendidikan

This programme aims to provide scholarships and other financial assistance to qualified students for their further studies,thus helping them in improving their quality of life and their socioeconomic standing.

Financial assistance

Yayasan Royal Widad will also distribute financial assistance in the form of month/annual allowance for the lower-income communities in order to lift their burden in tackling the ever increasing living cost.

Social Welfare

Yayasan Royal Widad will also implement social welfare programmes by planning useful activities for the Islamic community to improve the overall living standards.

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